Makhana for Kiddos – how, when, and what

Mothers around the world know that babies cannot survive solely on breast milk. When most of you think of makhanas, your mind probably goes to laddoos, halwa, or the sweet version consumed during winters. What if we told you that makhanas could ac...
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How Makhana can help you maintain healthy skin

Did you know that the health of your skin is affected by what you eat? That’s right! What you consume affects the skin’s ability to repair itself and stay moisturized. What’s more, eating a healthy diet can help to minimize wrinkles, acne, inflamm...
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Makhana is the Indian Superfood

Makhana is the Indian Superfood - Grab a handful of these delicious little kernels and savor the unique texture and taste that has people lining up to buy! Makhana are small, pearly-white seeds about the size of a large grain of wild rice. Some pe...
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